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Our Team at David B. Bowen and Associates, Inc. develops strong partnerships nationwide with newspapers, community newspapers, shoppers and others. We not only negotiate the best price on your behalf, but we also strive for the most desirable page placements for your unique targeting opportunities since 1987. 

Our team will listen to your needs and service your account on a consistent, day-to-day basis. We provide an accurate implementation of placements and track the results of your advertising. We will effectively manage budgets and inform you on savings within print mediums. 

Bowen has historically managed FSI ad ROP programs for national manufacturers. The program we have developed makes it simple and affordable- 

1 rate - 1 contact - 1 invoice. 

Being a full-service Print Media Group, we also will incorporate the management of your printing needs for Free Standing Insert (FSI) projects.

our services

Print Media

We follow sales, redemption, what drives traffic and results for our customers. 

Print Negotiations

We negotiate price and packaging, creating a competitive landscape

Sales analysis

We work closely with our customer to share information and analysis to create our best Return on Investment (ROI)


Creative and Production Art Capabilities

Targeted Preprint Placements

Customized to each individual partners objective


Demographics, Consumer Behavior, Lifestyle Segments, and Detailed digital mapping capabilities



 David B. Bowen has been working in and supporting the print media industry for over 30 years. By focusing solely on print media, David B. Bowen & Associates, Inc. has become one of the foremost experts in the print media industry.

When the client calls, the media feels you need and want them; when Bowen calls, we represent an opportunity for new and incremental revenue to the media. This has a dramatic difference in results for both our clients and the media.

David B Bowen & Associates is the youngest and only still active individually owned company to win the Lifetime Achievement Award, from the AAPS National Association. This award is the highest honor that can be bestowed in the world of FSI's and Distribution, and truly shows that no one does it better. The Association is a pool of the most talented individuals and companies in the Distribution of pre-printed advertising material in the country 

David B. Bowen and Associates, Inc.

1652 West Fifth Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212, United States

(614) 457-8118

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